Coditherm is a digital thermal transfer printer with a patented design, providing high-resolution marking on your parts or products.  The printer excels at marking on rigid or semi-rigid materials, in addition to parts or products with uneven or porous surfaces.


Marking on non-porous plastics, such as HDPE, ABS, polypropylene, and polycarbonate, is performed without pre-treatment.  Other typical applications include marking on paper, cardboard, wood, leather, and even coated metals.  In addition to fixed and variable text, this unit produces high-quality, high-resolution (600 DPI) printing of barcodes and 2D codes, serial numbers, time, date, lot number and shift codes within messages.


Extremely easy to install, the Coditherm can be integrated into an automated production line or supplied as a stand-alone unit for semi-automatic use with an operator, perfect for small batches with frequent text changes.  Message creation and editing is done with the controller’s touch screen graphical user interface; you can easily upload graphics and logos directly from a PC or USB memory stick.  The thermal ribbons come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including hard resins, metallic, pigmented, and anti-counterfeiting.


• Patented design for digital marking of variable information

• Perfect for rigid and semi-rigid materials

• Print area up to 95mm x 330mm (3.74" x 12.99")

• Quick and easy message creation
• Replaces need for adhesive labels 
• Up to 600 dpi for detailed resolution in small areas
• Ideal for small lot sizes with frequent text variations
• Prints directly on product at a fraction of the cost vs. labels
• Available for marking: flat, round, small surfaces & recessed areas
• Instant dry time - immediate color change - no mess




Printer For Packaging, Wood, Gypsum Marking 



Announcing the VIAjet™ T100S print head, an addition to the VIAjet™ T-Series high resolution ink jet product line. The T100S provides the option to print vertically down and at right angles, along with Matthews’ existing side printing capability.  This new orientation, combined with marking speeds of up to 600 fpm, makes the T100S ideal for printing high-resolution graphics in the packaging, engineered wood, and gypsum plasterboard industries.


The T100S print head features a 27.5” umbilical between the print head and ink tank, simplifying 

access to production areas that are limited. It also makes marking in cumbersome locations, 

such as the middle of a web material, possible.


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