GSI offers the complete line of CO2 and fiber laser marking systems to suit your marking and coding needs.  Our lasers are designed to fit a number of industrial and packaging applications, whether you need to mark in static or continuous mode, and onto a variety of materials, such as glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, foils, coated metals, and building materials.  Laser coding doesn’t involve any inks or chemicals, making it a very clean, eco-friendly and cost-efficient method of marking your product.  


• Longest focal distance in the industry allowing the laser to be mounted away from production line obstruction
• Three control interface models (Network, Keyboard, and 10.4” color touch screen)
• Eight different mounting orientations allowing you to integrate the laser into tight spaces
• Multiple lens options for increasing field size and focal distance
• Air cooled and water cooled options as well as NEMA 4 models available for dusty and wash down environments
• Extensive controller input/output that is clearly labeled for safety integration
• Layer mode selection for fast message changing or dynamic field attribute changes
• Beam bender options to “snorkel” the steered laser beam into tight spaces
• Ethernet, USB, and serial interface ports are standard, providing flexible interface options
• Every system sold includes free Windows design software for desktop/laptop operation for remote message file creation


Printer For Packaging, Wood, Gypsum Marking 



Announcing the VIAjet™ T100S print head, an addition to the VIAjet™ T-Series high resolution ink jet product line. The T100S provides the option to print vertically down and at right angles, along with Matthews’ existing side printing capability.  This new orientation, combined with marking speeds of up to 600 fpm, makes the T100S ideal for printing high-resolution graphics in the packaging, engineered wood, and gypsum plasterboard industries.


The T100S print head features a 27.5” umbilical between the print head and ink tank, simplifying 

access to production areas that are limited. It also makes marking in cumbersome locations, 

such as the middle of a web material, possible.


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