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Linx IJ375

Easy to use, high definition,

all-in-one printing solution

Are expensive labels, pre-printed boxes and wasted ink driving up your production costs?


The Linx IJ375 high definition printer represents the most efficient method to code cartons, with excellent print quality and minimum down time.


Print high-resolution barcodes, logos and text, up to 2.76 inches tall. Switch from waxjet printers and avoid long warm-up times and peeling codes.


Key benefits

  • Replace expensive labels and preprinted packaging

  • Lower consumable costs by reducing ink wastage

  • Error-free coding to maximize uptime and reduce wasted product

  • Clear, quality text and graphics with high resolution printing

  • Robust nozzle protection for optimum printing performance

  • Barcode, Databar, Data Matrix, and QR Code printing capabilities

  • One ink canister produces tens of thousands of prints

  • Controlled operator user levels for elimination of coding mistakes


Technical Specifications

Blue Gear.png

Printing Capability

  • Print area 2.76 inches (H) x 78.7 inches (L) 

  • Print resolution of 180dpi 

  • Print speed of up to 21.65 in/s 

  • Horizontal orientation, for printing onto vertical substrates


Programming Features

  • CLARiSOFT image design software 

  • Full downloadable font support for Windows® TrueType® 

  • Flexible date/time formats 

  • Real time clock functions 

  • Auto best before date calculation and concession management 

  • Scalable text including rotation, mirror, and inverse printing 

  • Multiple graphic formats 

  • WindowsTM printer driver 

  • ZPL emulation for label design programs


Physical Characteristics

  • Compact printer and detachable display unit composed of high impact ABS with steel chasis 

  • Weight – 12.3lb 

  • Uses pigmented oil-based inks, suitable for a wide range of porous materials.



IJ375 Video


IJ375 Datasheet


MOF Ink Datasheet

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