GSI understands that even the best of equipment will need replacement parts or repairs throughout its life cycle.  GSI is both a manufacturer and supplier of direct replacement parts that support numerous types of printing technologies.  Some of these technologies include TTR, Hot Melt Ink, Hi-Resolution, Laser, CIJ and more.


Graphic Solid Inks also offers a large selection of parts for a variety of ink jet printing technologies including Hi-resolution, Drop-on-Demand and CIJ…at GSI we have you covered for less.


GSI recognizes that its customers have the need and ability to self-maintain their hot melt ink printing equipment.  GSI offers both replacement and reconditioned parts for several different hot melt ink printers. 

GSI also carries a variety of generic components for Markem® hot melt ink jet printers including IDM filters, heat rods, thermocouples, vacuum tubing, ink level sensors, fittings and more.

Due to some OEM strangleholds and often times limitations; GSI also evaluates defective parts and repairs those which can be repaired, to the same quality and performance standards as new parts.  Our goal is to make these parts available to our customers at a lower price and provide benefit to everyone.


GSI utilizes industry relationships to provide OEM and OEM equivalent thermal transfer print heads from print head manufacturers and suppliers all over the world.  GSI offers replacement print heads for ALL major brands and types of thermal transfer printers; including TTO, Desk Top and Labeling systems.

GSI offers thermal print heads that provide high productivity and reliability; guaranteed to meet the mounting specifications and interface details of your thermal printer.

Have Markem® Smart Date, Videojet® DataFlex, Domino® V-Series, Bell Mark®, Open Date® or other TTO GSI to see how we can help.


Printer For Packaging, Wood, Gypsum Marking 



Announcing the VIAjet™ T100S print head, an addition to the VIAjet™ T-Series high resolution ink jet product line. The T100S provides the option to print vertically down and at right angles, along with Matthews’ existing side printing capability.  This new orientation, combined with marking speeds of up to 600 fpm, makes the T100S ideal for printing high-resolution graphics in the packaging, engineered wood, and gypsum plasterboard industries.


The T100S print head features a 27.5” umbilical between the print head and ink tank, simplifying 

access to production areas that are limited. It also makes marking in cumbersome locations, 

such as the middle of a web material, possible.


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