As a result of OEM relationships and industry partnerships; GSI is a leading supplier of all ribbon based consumables that are used in any type of Thermal Transfer or Hot Stamping printer. Whether you have a packaging or labeling application… whether you are printing text, barcodes or graphics… whether you are a food manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company or an automotive parts supplier; GSI is committed to sourcing you the best possible ribbon for your need, application and budget.






GSI offers a complete line of OEM compatible wax, wax/resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons to support virtually all methods of thermal transfer printing and applications.   These ribbons are formulated to print on a wide variety of paper, polyester, polypropylene, vinyl and synthetic substrate material.

GSI can provide you with ribbon solutions for any near edge or thermal transfer overprinter application (Open Date®, Markem®, Videojet®, Norwood®, Allen®, Mathews®, Bell-Mark®); in addition to also providing a diverse ribbon offering that is based around barcoding and product marking.   

GSI’s versatile TTR portfolio includes OEM compatible ribbon options for tabletop thermal transfer printers (including Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato®, Intermec® and more), print & apply bar code label applicators, tag printers or color label printers.


Look to GSI to provide you with the colors, sizes and formulations of the ribbon that you need.

It is GSI’s goal to provide the highest quality hot stamping / hot foil / hot leaf ribbon to our customers.  GSI evaluates each opportunity and determines what specific type of ribbon will meet your application requirements and specifications.

GSI’s hot stamp ribbon offerings are manufactured for use in all different types of hot stamping equipment; including such OEM’s as Norwood Marking Systems
®, Open Date®, Medtronic®, Grasbey Allen®, Gottscho® and countless others.

GSI has ribbons for every type of hot stamping application; which include lot numbering, expiration dates, weight, price, ingredients, product names, bar codes and graphics.  If your requirement is for a more industrial process; we have ribbons that can imprint on products such as plastic boxes & crates,

Kwik-Lok Tabs, labels, poly bags, plastic pipe and tubing, wire and cable jackets, wooden handles, pens, pencils and more!

GSI has colors, sizes and formulations of the ribbon that you need.


Printer For Packaging, Wood, Gypsum Marking 



Announcing the VIAjet™ T100S print head, an addition to the VIAjet™ T-Series high resolution ink jet product line. The T100S provides the option to print vertically down and at right angles, along with Matthews’ existing side printing capability.  This new orientation, combined with marking speeds of up to 600 fpm, makes the T100S ideal for printing high-resolution graphics in the packaging, engineered wood, and gypsum plasterboard industries.


The T100S print head features a 27.5” umbilical between the print head and ink tank, simplifying 

access to production areas that are limited. It also makes marking in cumbersome locations, 

such as the middle of a web material, possible.


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