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Wipe G2 Applicator

Flexible, fast and safe stepper motor driven applicator for front, rear, top, corner wrap and 2 sides label applications.

The Evolabel Wipe G2 applicator is designed to apply 2 labels on adjacent sides of a box or simply at the front, side, top or back in high speed. It is also perfect for corner wrap applications, where one part of the label is applied on the front and the other part of the label is wiped around the corner to the top or side of the box.

The unique tactile arm detects not only the product for perfect label apply but also any obstacle in its way, making it totally safe for the user. Furthermore, this allow fast and precise labeling even on very light products, both adjacent sides and corner wrap. The rotating movement is in line with the print direction, which enables applying more than 300 mm long labels on the product.

Front, rear, top, side or corner wrap...

WipeG2 corner wrap_363.jpg

The apply angle of the arm and applicator plate which holds the label firmly with vacuum, can be set in any angle from a few degrees up to 200 degrees.

The pulse encoder controlled stepper motor driven applicator arm makes both adjacent side labeling as well as corner wrap easy. It is also perfect for applying labels on a rounded surface, like a drum.

The Wipe G2 applicator suits all Evolabel printer models from D43 to T63.

Totally safe for the user

Wipe G2 corner wrap close up_373.jpg

The light 3D printed arm, stabilized by carbon fiber, is driven by a stepper motor with encoder, which senses when the product is reached, but more important, it senses if for example an operator's finger is in the way. This eliminates the risk of crushing.

As all other Evolabel applicators does during service, the Wipe G2 moves automatically away from the print head to a service position, giving great access during paper/ribbon change and during print head cleaning.


Wipe G2 Applicator Technical Specifications

The EvolabelTM Wipe G2 applicator is developed with ease of use, reliability, and safety in focus. It is fully automatic and no daily adjustments or calibrations are needed. The applicator works with a rotational, step motor driven motion and is built with the EvolabelTM patented applicator pad range to achieve optimal label handling. The patented pads create vacuum locally by feeding compressed air from the applicator.

The Wipe G2 can be mounted on all EvolabelTM printers and is easily mounted with two screws, a tube for compressed air, and an eApplicator cable for the electronic interface.

The applicator is controlled by the printer, normally by using the signal from an external photo sensor as a direct input to detect the product to be labeled. For information about the printers, we refer to the manual Installation, Maintenance & Service D43/T43/T63.

The Wipe G2 applicator is designed for print and apply systems with high demands on performance; primarily corner wrap top-front labeling or top and/or front labeling. The applicator may usefully be equipped with a motorized stand to handle batches with varying product heights and label positions.

A print and apply application with a Wipe G2 normally feeds the labels horizontally with the printed side facing up. The feed direction is usually backward relative the product conveyor's direction.

Wipe G2 front+top.jpg

Wipe G2 monting on Evolabel T43:

Wipe G2.png

Wipe G2 has 6 different arm lengths: 125, 150, 175, 200, 250 and 350 mm

Wipe G2 arm.png

Angle Mount:

angle mount- wipe G2.png

Wipe G2 examples of usage:

Wipe Usage.png
  • Part number:

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 125: K101125

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 150: K101150

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 175: K101175

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 200: K101200

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 250: K101250

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 350: K101350

  • Suitable printer models: D43, T43, T63

  • Minimum label size (WxL): D43/T43: 30x20 mm, T63: 115x20 mm

  • Maximum label size (WxL): D43/T43: 118x240 mm, T63: 176x240 mm

  • Label apply technology: Stepper motor driven arm with encoder

  • Max apply angle: 192°

  • Apply speed: Dependent on arm length and pad size

  • Power supply DC input: 24 VDC / 4.0 A

  • Applicator weight:

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 125: 5,57 kg

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 150: 5,77 kg

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 175: 5,97 kg

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 200: 6,17 kg

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 250: 6,57 kg

       - Wipe G2 Applicator 350: 7,37 kg

  • Maximum noise level from applicator (only during apply sequence of label): 65 dB

  • Maximum noise level from vacuum system (only during printing): 75 dB

  • External dimensions (WxHxD): (50 + S) x 345 x 218 mm where S = Arm length

  • Communication: EXT 1 (RS-232)

  • Capacity (depends on label size, stroke length, arm length, apply speed): Up to 80 labels per minute

  • Surrounding temperature (operation):+5°C to +40°C

  • Surrounding humidity: 20 to 85%

  • Compressed air: supply 6 bar, clean and dry

  • Air consumption during label apply:

       - Pads with 1 ejectors: ~52 l/min

       - Pads with 2 ejectors: ~87 l/min

       - Pads with 3 ejectors: ~110 l/min

Evolabel Wipe G2 Applicator Video

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